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    1. Crawler Bulldozer
      This crawler bulldozer (crawler dozer) has traction mechanism like that of semi-rigid suspension car. It uses two-plate dry primary clutch, which makes the maintain easy. The steering is hydraulically and the bulldozer can operate hydraulically. It powered by diesel engine which is manufactured by joint venture technologies. This model of crawler bulldozers is powered by diesel engines, which makes the work energy efficiency, low-pollution, ...
    1. Wheeled Bulldozer
      The wheel bulldozer, which is also called wheel dozer, is a kind of commonly used construction machinery. The principle of the machine work is to push outfitted dozer blades by essentially tractors, so as to clearing and grading land or paving the roads. These machines use a drive system of military industry technology, which is of big tractive force, high efficiency and good performance. It is with full hydraulic articulated steering and all wheel drive, ...

Bulldozer (Dozer)

Description of Bulldozer:

This kind of machine is a very commonly used earthmoving equipment in the construction site.. There is a front-mounted dozer blade which can push solid forward. It can make the construction site to be a level surface. And it is widely used for road construction, water and electricity engineering, farmland leveling, port building, mining and other construction conditions. We can offer all kind of bulldozer from 80HP to 420HP, integrated with Komatsu and Caterpiller technology. It is suitable in earth-moving or mining engineering purpose.
The main subassembly of a bulldozer mainly include: tracked chassis, protective driver cage, rear-mounted ripper claw and a variety of front-mounted blades.
In the meanwhile, bulldozer blade and the ripper are the primary tools of bulldozers (dozers).
The blade is installed in front of a tractor that can push objects, and shove sand, soil and debris. There are straight blade (S-blade), universal blade (U-blade), U combination blade that can be used in the dozer to push piles of large rocks.
The ripper is fitted with a replaceable tungsten steel alloy tip that can be installed on the back of the bulldozer (dozer). Its can let the large rocks broken into small rubble for easy handling and transport.

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